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Sklash is online skill based gaming platform, which offers a wide selection of games to test your skills against your friends and other talented gamers with a chance for you to win real cash.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Answers for our most popular questions about Login, Payment, Contest etc.

You can sign up by downloading the Sklash app and registering with any given mobile number.

No, Sklash is linked to both your email and mobile number, so you can only have one account.

You can refer someone by sharing the App link via WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social media app from Sklash sharing card. The link automatically shares your referral code.

A new user must agree to abide Yes, you must agree to all terms of service and privacy policy as a first-time user.

A new user must agree to abide by the terms and conditions and privacy policy laid down by Sklash. These lay the boundaries, rules and conditions within which a user can play and earn money on Sklash.

Our games are on the App store and the play store. We have links on our website that will take you directly. Just download it once and start playing your favorite games.

No. You can join tournaments even without verifying your account. Once you win cash tournaments your winnings will be deposited into your Sklash winnings balance. Verification only becomes mandatory for making withdrawals from your Sklash account to your bank/wallet account.

Sklash is an E-sports platform where one can win real cash legally. Your withdrawals on Sklash involve the transfer of money from your Sklash account to your bank/wallet account. Hence making KYC a mandatory requirement as proof of identity.

The first step to withdrawing money is to get your Sklash account KYC verified. You can then withdraw money by simply selecting the withdraw money option. Please note that this option will only show once your KYC is verified. This verification is a one-time process which need not be repeated unless you wish to make changes to your account.

The minimum and maximum amount for a single withdrawal request depend upon your minimum and maximum withdrawal limit.

We deduct TDS (tax deducted at source) for any winnings above Rs 10,000 in a tournament as per government regulations. All prizes shall be subject to deduction of tax ("TDS"") as per the Income Tax Act 1961. winner will be provided TDS certificates in respect of such tax deductions. The winner shall be responsible for payment of any other applicable tax, including but not limited to, income tax, gift tax, etc. in respect of the prize money. As per current regulations, Tax will be calculated as follows i.e 30% tax + 4% cess which equals down to 31.2% on the won amount for any amount above Rs 10,000 won in a tournament

In order to get your account KYC verified, you must follow these steps. Open your Sklash App >> Player History >> Profile Verification >> Verify Account >> Click on Wallet >> Click on Earn More Tokens >> Scroll down and go to Complete KYC >> Upload a clear photo of a valid Government ID(Aadhaar Card, Driving License, PAN Card, Voter Card, Driving License). Enter the details and wait for 24 hours. Our team will approve your KYC.

Some of the major reasons why your verification request may have failed are:

a. The government ID card number on the card does not match the card number     entered during the verification request. Double-check the ID card number that     you have entered to avoid any errors.

b. The date of birth on the ID shows that you are below 18. Please ensure that     you are above 18 to initiate the KYC verification process.

c. The name on the government ID card does not match the name entered during     the verification request. Please ensure that you enter the exact name on the     verification request, as it appears on the Government ID.

d. The documents uploaded by you are not clear/visible/valid. Our experts are     humans after all! Please help them by uploading clear documents so that they     are able to verify your details. Please ensure that you upload a valid     Government ID card.

In the rare case that your verification request gets rejected, the reason for rejection will be sent to you via SMS/notification allowing you to re-upload the said documents.

You can check the status of each withdrawal by going to Profile >> Balance >> Transaction History.

This might happen due to any of the following reasons:

a. You do not have a Paytm account against your mobile number linked with     Sklash. Please create the said Paytm account.

b. Your KYC verification may be pending. In the said case, you will receive an     SMS from Paytm telling you the same when Sklash tries to transfer cash     into your Paytm wallet

c. You may have exceeded your Paytm limit. Paytm allows a monthly sum of INR     10,000 for KYC customers and then you need to do full KYC. Even for full     KYC customers, the maximum limit is Rs 1,00,000. As long as you have entered     the correct details of your Paytm wallet/bank account, money should be     received by you.

d. Please make sure you are entering the correct details in the case of UPI and     your bank account as we cannot cross-verify the details here. The money will     be transferred to the bank account entered only if it is a correct record as per     the bank. You can also see the status of the transaction on your withdrawal     history page. In case of any discrepancies, we will refund the money back into     your Sklash account within 7 working days. Please contact our support in case     of any issues and we would be able to help you with the exact issue.

Duels are one-time gameplay against opponents. You are supposed to pay once and if you win you will get the winning amount immediately in your wallet. These duels can be one-on-one gameplays or multiplayer - multi-winner gameplays. However, in tournaments, there is a single entry fee deducted and you can play as many games as possible to score the highest possible score.

It depends on each duel room. You can see the total winnings of the duel room on the duel room card and also in the match-making screen. In the case of multiplayer multi-winner duels; the total prize pool is distributed amongst a specified number of top winners.

Currently, there is no limit on the number of duels you can play. Play more to win more.

Open Sklash app >> Click on bottom my matches >> Top right recent. It has info for both tournaments and duels and for each game as well for a certain amount of time.

Find a duel room as per your liking under the game of your choice. Each duel room has an entry fee per duel. Pay to play once. Amount gets deducted each time you start a new duel.

Yes, you can play duels with both tokens and cash. There could be duel rooms with entry fees specified in tokens or cash. The fee per duel is always displayed on the button on the duel room card.

Some duel rooms might close at a particular time. They may or may not open again.

You can send the challenge to anyone in your Whatsapp, Facebook, or Instagram list by copying and sending the contest code.

Right now there is no provision to search for people other than their Sklash username. We are working on newer ways for user discovery to make it easy for all our players to search for other users more efficiently.

Please ensure you follow the said steps: Open the Sklash app -> Select the Game -> Select The Tournament -> Hit the Play Button at the bottom of your screen>> Pay the entry fee for the tournament and begin the game.

You can check the games you have played since you joined by clicking on the My Contests section of the Sklash app.

As of now, one may either join some contests for free or may have to pay a nominal entry fee to do so.

You can check your rank on the relevant Sklash tournament leaderboard.

Some contests on the Sklash app remain free to play for all whereas some require a nominal entry fee to join the particular contest of your choosing.

No, there is no minimum participation required.

Currently, Sklash is only available on iOS and Android platforms.

If there is any network error you are allowed 20 seconds to connect back whereas a bot may take over for that said period of time till you are able to connect back. If the cause of your disconnection is your internet, which could be unstable or weak and you are unable to join again, the game will end and the other player will be declared the winner.

Yes, you need to download Sklash games. Once you log in with Sklash on your downloaded game screen the transition feels like you are using one application.

If you have not been connected to a game you have paid for, We will initiate a refund within 24 hours or less that will be added to your Sklash wallet as that money was not lost in the game.

You can share the Sklash app link with all your friends and connections on social media. You can share via the following modes- Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Sharechat, Gmail and SMS.

You can earn more cash by increasing the number of links shared with friends, family and connections via social media. You can read our guide on how to earn more cash rewards on the Sklash app.

You can send a referral code to someone by sharing the Sklash App link via WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social media application from the Sklash sharing card. The link automatically shares your referral code.

You can send a referral code to someone by sharing the Sklash App link via WhatsApp, Facebook or any other social media application from the Sklash sharing card. The link automatically shares your referral code.

You can earn cash by successfully sharing app links on social media. You can also earn cash through also each time a new person clicks on the said link. You get a bonus of Rs.50 cash reward for every friend that joins Sklash in addition to this.

A referral leaderboard shows the rank of players that get the maximum number of successful referrals on the said day.

Please make sure that you share the Sklash referral link with as many people and ensure that the said people install the Sklash App. If the number of successful referrals done by you is more than other players you will reach the top of the referral leaderboard.

You may deposit money by using going to My Profile>> Balance>>Add Cash. The modes include UPI, Paytm, Amazon Pay, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Net-banking of more than 50 banks.

You may apply a cash coupon by going to My Profile>> Balance>>Add Cash. You will be able to see the relevant offers available for you to choose from.